VeerKisaan Vermibed is a state of art modern vermiculture bed for producing premium quality vermicompost and vermiwash for organic farming.

VeerKisaan Vermibed represents innovation in India’s modern compost technology, ensuring easy installation, superior air ventilation, lightweight materials and strong construction, making a smarter choice for the organic agricultural industries.

  • 6 Air vents provide higher moisture and oxygen levels giving quicker and better composts
  • Superior heat insulated multi-layer coated woven and reinforced HDPE built delivers greater strength, durability and tear resistance
  • Carefully designed extra rigid outer wall to prevent sagging
  • 14 Factory manufactured pockets placed at equal distance for faster and easier installation
  • Puncture resistant, waterproof, light weight and chemically resistant durable material
  • Higher ultra violet resistance

VeerKisaan Vermibed is certified by IS: 15907 – Licence No. CM/L – 2942062 Approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards

VeerKisaan Vermibed is a state of the art modern vermiculture bed for producing premium quality vermicompost and vermiwash for organic farming which offers easy installation, superior air ventilation, light weighted materials and strong construction. VeerKisaan Vermibeds deliver higher yields for all organic agricultural industries resulting from its premium quality vermicompost.

VeerKisaan Vermibeds offer easy installation and portability. These install within few hours unlike traditional concrete vermibeds which are expensive, time consuming and cannot be relocated. Light weight reinforced HDPE construction offers cheaper and faster mobility without the use of heavy duty vehicles.

VeerKisaan Vermibeds are fitted with 6 air pockets which maintain optimum moisture, oxygen levels and avoid excess heat buildup providing superior conditions for healthier compost that in turn result into higher crop yields.

VeerKisaan Vermibeds are made from 100% multi-layer coated woven and reinforced HDPE material ensuring greater strength, more durability, waterproofing, higher tear and puncture resistance, resistance to mould and agricultural chemicals all manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facilities in India.

VeerKisaan Vermibed is made as per IS: 15907:2010
Sr. No. Test Property Vermibed Specification (As Per IS 15907 : 2010) Test Method
1 Dimension    
Length 3600 mm As Per IS: 15907
Width 1200 mm As Per IS: 15907
Height 600 mm As Per IS: 15907
2 Mass, g/m2, Min 350 IS : 1964
3 Breaking Strength Before UV Exposer, N, Min
  Warp 1900 IS : 1969
  Weft 1300
4 Elongation at Break in Percent
  Warp 20 ± 5 IS : 1969
  Weft 20 ± 5
5 Retention of Breaking Strength After UV Exposer, N, Min
  Warp >1650 IS : 1969
  Weft >1120
6 Welding Seam Strength >1650 IS : 1969
7 Tear Resistance
  Warp 200 Method A 2 of IS : 7016 (Part3)
  Weft 200
8 Puncture Strength, N, Min 325 Annex C
9 Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance No any evidence of stress cracking Annex D
10 Resistance to Chemicals, Change in the Mass Percent, Max Less than 0.1% Annex E
11 Color Fastness to artificial light More than 6 IS : 2454 (Xenon lamp method)
12 Bursting Pressure, Kgf/cm2, Min Above 35 IS : 1966

Vermibed Installation Guide

Ground Preparation

Remove any rocks or stones and any other debris or waste material and sharp objects and smoothen the ground surface evenly where VeerKisaan Vermibed is to be installed. With chalk powder or any marking material, draw the rectangular layout of the vermibed and vermiwash drainpipe and collection unit.


Place the Vermibed flat on the ground and mark each of the 14 factory fitted pockets on the perimeter of the bed.

Pegs Installation

Install all 14 pegs in the marked positions, keeping 9 inches (minimum) inside the ground. Fill any voids with hard soil securing the peg to the ground. 

Vermiwash Drainpipe

Place the drainpipe in the marked position inclined downwards to allow easy flow of vermiwash. Place the collection unit below the outlet.

Fixing the Bed

Place the bed carefully ensuring each peg is well inserted into the factory fitted pockets. Insert the inlet portion of the drainpipe.


Check for any loose pegs, tears or damages before use.